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Connecting local businesses with the local consumers to enhance the local shopping experience through live chit-chat!

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  • Competition is fierce, In a marketplace where positioning is no longer a strategy, It's a must. In order to compete effectively your Small business needs to be found in all available ad channels, and accessible on all devices, and right here and now is where you can find it all.  One Platform One Address One Provider All Ad Channels All Local Businesses All Local Cities All Local Customers We are Empowering All. .. Entrepreneurs New business Startups  Current Business Owners Our New Single Platform... Allows powerful leverage in gaining a more generous share of Local Customers. Introducing The Exclusive Marketing Arm of Golocalez... If you are a local business owner...or if you are thinking about starting your own business, This is the only place you need to be to enjoy the greatest future for success as an entrepreneur.
  • ie: Amazon, Walmart, Target & others...The Most Innovative and Powerful Community Based Marketing Platform Is Making Small Businesses The Biggest Business Competitor In Town! We are introducing the most powerful, innovative and closest to market, Small Business Marketing platform for local searching, shopping and purchasing of the most relevant products and services. Our new platform empowers each online community (city) to be like a local distribution center where each of the local businesses provide their products and services through the center. The Local Consumer now has an Amazon type single online platform to access local products and services In their community. Thousands of Local Businesses now become the single BIGGEST Business in town with searchable and purchasable products and services in one location online!