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Bill Misrasi
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I Love My Country and truly believe That....

We The People...

...just Need To be Americans, Peaceful Americans!  It's time to do away with all the division. We are all responsible for the unrest in America because we hesitate to allow everyone to have their opinions. True equality comes when we allow every man the right to think and act as he desires. That's also what a true freedom is. Isn’t diversity the power of a great nation? We desire for all to move beyond all the racism talk and just come together as true Americans!


Let's remember our forefathers and what they have gone through to provide a document that protects the people and their freedoms in this great country. Let's not forget the wars, battles and traditions of our fathers that played such a great role providing a better place for their children to live and raise families, and enjoy the greatest freedoms found in any country. Have we lost respect for what they went through for us? I haven’t, and I know many others that haven’t!


Those of us that have not forgotten the labors of our fathers and the God that provided this land, and our forefathers that wrote a constitution to protect all of our God given rights, need to stand up and be counted and heard, and remind those who have forgotten, that this is the country of the proud, the free and the brave. A country that we have received as a gift from the many who have suffered and died to bring it into existence. We owe it to them to protect and defend it with our lives.


We can’t allow the few that are trying to destroy it from within to succeed... and it really is just a few in comparison to our population. The thing that is beating us more than those few is the majority of us doing nothing! There are so many false narratives that the few are sponsoring. While the media broadcasts it daily, there are many who  are beginning to believe it and take a back seat and say the country is not great any more. They say everything has changed. We are not free anymore. The government is so corrupt it can’t be fixed. But it’s all bunk! It’s a cop out!


Let’s say their are a 100,000 people, oh hell... let’s say there are
100 million people responsible for making all the noise and promoting such a narrative. If there are 330 million Americans in the USA that means there are 230 million of us that can bring the right narrative to the forefront and prove to ourselves and everyone else in this country that we are still a country of the people, by the people and for the people.


This is Gods country! God is on the side of freedom. He needs us to be free and choose things for ourselves. The true price of freedom is diversity. Equality is found in a society where every person has that right to choose for themselves what they will do with their life. Equality is found in a society where the government governs, not dictates. Where the rule of law is respected and adhered to without prejudice. Equality is found in a society that respects it's constitution and it's God.


With that kind of a society there is nothing we can’t accomplish when it is done for the right reasons. God blesses America everyday, but he requires His people, His children, our brothers and sisters to do our part. He will not move a parked car! We have to turn the key and start going down the road with real intent to do the right thing and I can promise that it will happen. But only when we, "The Silent Majority" come together with a true desire to save this country, then we will have the power to overcome all the unrest we are experiencing today.


Let’s come together as a people of equality. Let's put our best foot forward and be true Americans. Let’s start in our communities and choose better representatives. Let’s be more friendly towards everyone no matter what comes at us. Let’s be the example of what it really means to "Be An American First"! Not black, white, red or brown, not Democrats or Republicans or even Independents. Let’s just be Americans! 

Join the Peaceful Patriots movement today and be a part of making the difference. Our goal is to sustain the peace that truly already exists in America for most of us. We want to provide a platform that totally promotes peace.


We are not going to protest in the streets. We're not going to try and convince anyone of what they should do or think. We want to support those who already desire to choose peace, and provide an environment of education for the knowledge of the peace God has given us, and the power of the constitution He gave us to protect it. 


Knowledge is power. The strongest government is the one that is the closest to the people, our local and state governments. That is why we need better representatives. Representatives that will help us unite as one heart and one mind. Order is where you find peace. 


Join us today ... and declare yourself, to help bring a peaceful order to our communities. Not by war nor any means of force, but by getting back to being true Americans. Let's be the good people doing something to make a difference. A Peaceful Difference!

Bill Misrasi
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