A     NEW     REVOLUTION  
In Local Marketing & Shopping Online
WE Are Currently Launching
Communities In Utah!
Every Small Business That Joins The Alliance Before March 1st 2021 Will Receive the Following Bonus...
When You Join The GL2020 Alliance!             -          Get All  The Details Below...
90 Day - $1500
Local Marketing Package
Consider It Our Stimulus Package...
As an  Introductory Offer To Every Small Business
In Utah, To The Most Powerful & Revolutionary...
 GL2020 Perfect Vision Alliance
 Making It Easy For Your Local Prospective Consumers To Find Your Products and Services
in A One Place Marketing Platform For
Your Community!
Here Is Our Officially Introduction to...
  • Our New Alliance Has Been  developed to Unite, Support and Represent the  Consumers and Small Businesses.

  • We Provide Affordable and Convenient Access to All Local Resources in Each  Community. 

  • Our Purpose Is To Establish  a Greater System for Success In Building and Stabilizing The Local Economy

Every Local Business, Every Local Consumer, Every Local Community In One Single Place, Online!
It's A Revolutionary Local Business Alliance That Will ...
...Provide Its Members 
With All Local Marketing
Products & Services.
With One Powerfully Organized Local Community Online Marketing Platform!
Providing  Access The Thousands of Local Consumers In Each Community 24-7!
Through Our Revolutionary Alliance
...We Are Introducing A Game Changing Local Business Marketing and Shopping Platform That Promotes & Supports The "All Things Community" Single Place Marketing & E-commerce
Platform Called ...
Where "Shopping  Local" Takes On A Whole New Meaning!
Watch Video
Watch Video- Turn on sound
A local small business can now be found in a single place platform That allows all Local Consumers to more easily Find Shop & Buy local products and services in our powerful Online  Community Location!
Where you Find All Things Local!
It's Also Our New Normal  For Marketing & Showcasing The Local Businesses!
It's The Most Uniquely Organized  
Online platform for showcasing the local businesses as well as
displaying the greatest variety of local products, services, travel, entertainment, hotels, restaurants and virtually "All Other Things Community"! 
It's All About Getting Found In Your Local Community!
By Getting Your Business In front Of
Thousands Of Your Local Consumers in
A Consistent Local Online Location. 
It's The Most Powerful Platform allowing the ease and convenience of all local businesses coming together in one place, online. To be found as conveniently as the big box
What Does the Customer Expect From A Local Online Shopping Platform?
Watch Video
  • Variety of Local Businesses
  • E-commerce Store to Buy Now
  • Same Day Pickup
  • Next Day Delivery
  • Great Customer Service
  • Local Deals
  • Online Customer Support
  • Etc.
It's The Next Generation Full Scale Digital Marketing Platform For...
"Local Businesses"
To Be Strategically Showcased To Thousands
Of Local Consumers!

Now You Can Make Your

"Small Businesses The Biggest Business In Town"!

By Participating With The Thousands of Local Businesses And Their Millions Of Local Products & Services By Bringing It All To One Convenient Local Access
Single Place Platform!
How Can You Get Your Small Business In Front Of Thousands of New Local Consumers Everyday With Very Little Effort Of Your Own!
We Invite You To Begin Providing the  Perfect Vision to Your
Local Consumers...
Start Enjoying An Increase of
Constant Visibility In Your Local Marketplace... 24-7!
For a One Time Annual Fee Of
(Regular 99.99/month - Save $1,101.91) 
All Alliance Members Who Participate in Our...
Revolutionary Alliance now Will get Our Amazing Introductory Offer of...
 $1,500 - 90 Day
Marketing package FREE!

When You Join

This Is What You Get...

The Gl 2020  Perfect Vision ALLIANCE -
$97.97/Annual  -  Reg $999
Includes the $1,500 - 60 Day Marketing Package
as Outlined Below...  at no Extra cost!
Package Details...

Includes All Services Below...

  • Extravaganza Registration - 90 Day Participation(AN AMAZING ,MARKETING PACKAGE VALUED @ $1,500 )

Also Included:

  • FREE E-COMMERCE STORE-Unlimited Products

  • Ad In Monthly E-mail Newsletter

  • Business Review Video (60 Seconds)

  • Business Showcase Ad 

  • Social Media - Weekly Posts

  • 3-Banner Ad Placements

  • Directory Listings 5- Categories

  • Events Calendar Events & Ads

  • List/Post Unlimited Products

  • Customer Reviews - Responsive

  • Coupons - Unlimited

  • Blog Posts

  • Podcast Ads

  • 60 sec Video Review 


Training, Networking Events (Weekly)​
  • Daily Online Webinars - Daily 9:am - 1:pm and 5:pm Tuesday thru Thursday
  • Weekly Seminars/Business Round Table- Your Business Development training!
  • Quarterly Region Boot Camps - 10% Discount for Business development workshop
  • Professional Services Directory - Introductory  Membership
Weekly e-mail news letter
  • goes out to all GLA Members with updates, product links, and other B2B information! Your Business will be promoted each week to 1000's of potential customers!
Daily & Weekly Media Campaigns
  • Radio & TV
  • Direct Mail in Each Community - (Extra Fee)
  • Print Magazines and Journals

One Time Unbelievable Total Of...

$97.97 Annual

(A Normal Value of $99/mo - Savings Of $1,101.91) 
Starts Now and Runs Thru June, 2021
Get All Of The Above And More For Our Explosive
Extravaganza Special...
Extravaganza $1,500 - 90 Day
Marketing package FREE!
It'S  Time To Take Charge...
And begin The "Biggest Small Business Recovery In The History" of our country and the world. It's time to make  Revolutionary Changes that will create lasting financial and economic stability into the future.
No More...
Business shut downs or stopping consumers from local shopping, or blocking normal local commerce for many months.
GL2020 Invites All Local Businesses
To Join The New Alliance! 

Here's a Quick Overview Of What Our New

Alliance Is All, About!

#1. The New Alliance Is About...

  • Being More Competitive On & Offline!




Market positioning is no longer a strategy, it's a must. Small businesses need to come together in one marketplace to allow the local consumers to have a similar

shopping experience currently being offered through

the big box retailers. 

Your Small Businesses Will Become The
Biggest Business In Town!
This Happens When The Thousands of Businesses In Each
Community Bring Millions of Their Products & Service To The Thousands of Local Consumers In One Powerful Online Marketplace.
Don't Let The Competition Win!

#2. Our New Alliance Is About...

  • Getting more visibility and accessibility to thousands of local Consumers
Showcasing Your Business
Daily To Your Local Consumers!
As a member of our
Perfect Vision Marketing  Alliance  you will have access to our huge selection of
pre-packaged marketing tools and services!
Join Th e Alliance Now!
Get Your $1,500 - 90 Day FREE
Marketing Package!
You've Got Nothing To Lose..
It's On Us! Give Us A Try!

#3. Our Alliance Is About...

  • Displaying & Promoting You Business to Entire local Community's Consumer Base and Turn Them Into Loyal customers! 
Local Lead
Get Started...
With The Local Small Business
& Community Alliance Today! 

#4. Our New Alliance Is About...

  • Providing Your Local Consumers access to all products, services, entertainment etc. all in one online Location! 
A New Local...
"All Things Community"
Online  Platform!
A Revolutionary Platform Where All  Businesses & Consumers Become Actively Engaged In One Powerful Place Online, Creating The Most Powerful Game Changing 
Local Shopping & Marketing Platform Anywhere!
Making It Possible For Local Businesses To Always Bee Open
In 2021 And Beyond!

#5. New Alliance Is About...

  • Regular Promotion of your business on all local advertising and media channels servicing your local community!
Advertising & Promotion
We are Launching the Most Aggressive State Wide  
  • Multi-Channel
  • Multi-Media
Ad Campaign throughout the Communities of  Utah!
Get Found Online & Offline & Relevant All At The Same Time On ...
  • Local radio and television networks
  • Social media platforms
  • Direct mail print campaigns
  • E-mail marketing & text messaging campaigns
  • Etc.
Exposing All Of Our Participating Alliance Members... 
  • To thousands of consumers in every community in Utah... 
You've Got Nothing To Lose... Give Us A Try! It's On Us!

#6. Our New Alliance Is About...

  • Small Businesses Participating In Many Of Their Community Promotional Events & Activities Happening Through our 90 Day GL2020 ... 




Join The Alliance Now And Be Best  Positioned  For Our Powerful Ad Campaigns In Your Community ... Beginning
In March  & Running Thru June, 2021. 
You've Got Nothing To Lose... Give Us A Try! It's On Us!
It's All Going To Be Like
Having Your Local Business On
Main Street...
...And Being Open Everyday
Click Here To Join Th e Alliance Now!
Get Your $1,500 - 90 Day
Marketing Package Today
Did I Mention It's FREE With Your Alliance Membership?


Let's Make 2021 The Beginning of Your

 Best Year Ever In Business!  

You've Got Nothing To Lose... Give Us A Try! 
It's On Us For Our Members!

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