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Did You Know...
"Let's Come Together To Discuss the Issues & 
Bring "Unity To Community"

This site has been published with the intention of it to be a nonpartisan Interactive platform representing a balance of information, views and comments on a full variety of local citizens concerns and feed back about issues in their local community. There is a chat forum where videos, pictures and expressions can be posted. It will be monitored and moderated and we will not allow any hate messages or foul language. 


Please help us  make this site a place to have healthy discussions of personally expressed views and opinions, that can provide information and resources, to assist the local leaders we have voted into the various official capacities of managing our communities and their resources. 

This is a platform to provide a voice to the local residence of their communities to be expressed at your convenience. A place where we can watch live streaming council and commission meetings that we hope will soon provide an opportunity to interact from the convenience of our homes. 

Your assistance in monitoring and managing all aspects of this site will surly help provide a long term opportunity for us all to finally have a voice in all things political in our communities. 

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